Spring (online) & Summer classes are here!

BackStory Theatre Academy's (BSTA) fantastic performance-based program builds skills for performance, confidence, team work, and key STEAM learning skills such as active listening, working memory, and creative collaboration! Classes are taught by experienced performers and educators who focus on building performance skills and strong support bonds within ensemble casts. Learning is primarily approached through performance rehearsals with additional skills built through games, worksheets, and activities.

 Foundation skills for young beginners include memorization, simple blocking, vocal projection, and basic character development. Intermediate and advanced students build on foundation skills and enhance quick line delivery, covering, timing, complex blocking, prop usage, vocal projection, diction, and in depth character integration.


Our youngest performers build literacy skills by writing many of their own lines. As students progress, actors work from pre-written scripts and an informal audition may be held on the first day of class for role assignment; no preparation is needed for the "audition".  At the end of the session, the cast performs a play (approx. 20-30 min length) for public audiences as part of our "Fantastic Family Theatre" series at the Broomfield Auditorium. 

During the summer months, students aged 9-13 get an extra special experience as they are taught and directed by teen mentoring teams! These amazing teens are participants in our innovative youth leadership program (BYLP) which teaches leadership and theatrical excellence through hands-on experiences in teaching and directing/managing theatrical producations and classes. All BYLP-led classes are overseen by an on-site Artistic Instructor &/or adult theatre mentor. Younger students benefit from the unique working relationship between themselves and the teens as they learn to express themselves on stage and in a group setting!

Classes meet at @ BackStory Theatre - we will move to an online platform with modified performance capacity if COVID19 crisis continues to impact group gatherings. The show must go on and we look forward to seeing you in classes and technique camps this spring and summer!

Please scroll all the way to the bottom of the linked list to see our current online technique class offerings!

Learn all about how to share, listen, control your body, explore imagination, and build early literacy as we explore new stories, songs, and games! Ages 3-5.

Theatre is more than just stepping out on stage! Dive deeper into skills for all aspects of performance with these classes and workshops. Ages 9-18.

NEW by request! Teens and tweens will love this opportunity to perform and produce a fully-staged, licensed play! Ages 10-18.

May is "Technique Month" - find the perfect intermediate and advanced technique class before performance classes begin in June! Free online weekly workshops for ages 0-18!

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