BYLP was developed in 2017 as an extension of BackStory’s work study program for advanced students and in an effort to expand leadership opportunities for students interested in pursuing higher education in the fields of theatre arts, teaching, and public service. It functions as a multi-tiered mentorship program as teens are mentored by adult instructors and teens informally mentor younger performers! Students ages 14-18, identified through peer or instructor recommendation, work in cohorts of three with an adult supervisor to develop summer theater programs for beginning and intermediate performers ages 8-13 which culminate in stage shows at the Broomfield Auditorium. In addition, Youth Leaders collaborate throughout the winter or spring to produce an original play for public performance. Throughout the year, BYLP members teach free workshops in community spaces for local youth as a service project. Participants meet quarterly to review roles and responsibilities and learn essential skills for classroom management, theatrical direction, stage show production, stage management, marketing, and script writing. A Steering Committee is elected from the larger group during their spring learning summit to meet monthly and learn the production and management aspect of the BYLP and the theatre company. In 2019, BYLP members will teach and produce 7 public shows with over 70 young actors through fee-based summer camps, provide 4 free workshops for approximately 40 youth at The Refuge, and produce The Realm, an entirely youth-led production at the Broomfield Auditorium! Though 2020 threw us a few curve balls, our amazing leaders led 6 summer performance classes online and in the studio, adapting to COVID requirements with admirable flexibility and assisted with several free in-person and online workshops throughout the spring and summer!


Applications for 2022 are now open and will be accepted through January 20th. Applicantions will be voted on in late-January for 1-year terms beginning right away. Candidates must be actively involved with BackStory programs and have participated in at least one Youth Theatre production and/or two Academy classes to be eligible for BYLP.  

In 2021, BYLP teens have supported four hours of outreach programming at the Refuge and have taught over 180 hours of summer camp programming in studio with 8 staged public performances by their casts of 9-13 year olds!


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HUGE THANKS to Kathy and Jose Escobar at #Waterheals for taking us out on the water again this year for a much needed afternoon of fun, bonding, and growing!