BackStory’s mission to provide affordable, high quality theatre arts education, performance, and patron opportunities in our community is accomplished by providing educational technique and performance-based classes in our studio with scholarships for low-income families, free workshops and classes in community spaces (such as The Refuge, Sister Carmen Community Center, Broomfield FISH, City & County of Broomfield Library, Recreation Center, Museums, and Invent HQ maker spaces) and free afterschool programming in schools with high participation in free/reduced lunch programs (Emerald Elementary and Sanchez Elementary). Through our outreach efforts, we provide over 100 hours of free programming each year. We also produce high-quality patron opportunities through auditioned youth productions of classical parodies in summer and our fully staged Broadway style musical every fall.


The COVID-19 pandemic impacted programming across all aspects of our organization, from canceled summer productions to amended current classes rehearsing and performing online. While these changes created opportunities for ingenuity and continued creativity, they have taken a toll on revenue streams. Your contribution can make a significant impact in offsetting those losses. Through participation in the Paycheck Protection Program, existing grant funding, and contributions from community members, our staff have been able to continue to teach modified programming. We have taught nearly 20 hours of free online workshops this spring and summer and have launched a modified fall class schedule with strict adherence to state and local guidelines for safety.


With the substantial support of our community, through our Peer-to-Peer fundraising campaign in August, we've received $11,000 in donations which allows us to proceed with our 10th annual fall musical theatre production! This November we will bring limited-seating live performances and, hopefully, a streamed performance, of Seussical: The Musical to the Broomfield Auditorium stage! Traditionally, this annual performance's ticket revenue offsets the cost of over 100 hours of outreach programming in our community. This year, we need your help to bring in that ticket revenue in other ways! If you are able, please purchase a ticket to the shows! You may also schedule a donation to our page for CO Gives this year on December 8th!


Now, more than ever, our community needs opportunities to come together and our students need opportunities to connect, grow in confidence, and find joy in creating art. BackStory Theatre’s work would not be possible without donations from our families, local businesses, and community organizations.