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BackStory uses theatre as a vehicle for intentional, prosocial enrichment through a focus on building community involvement, collaborations, and formal/informal mentorship opportunities. Using a unique approach to devising theatre, called "Make Believe and Beyond", BackStory gives agency to students of all ages and guides them through conflict resolution, team building, and purpose-driven creative expression. In 2018, BackStory moved into a very small leased studio space which has increased flexibility in scheduling and provides a needed home base for active students but is woefully inadequate for the scope of work the organization has. In 1200 square feet, BackStory's small but mighty team teaches classes for all ages (18months-adult), hosts rehearsals for casts of 30+ actors and crew, provides a private lesson room for independent teachers to offer their own lessons, and constructs and houses a substantial costume, prop, and set inventory which is regularly accessed by the public to enhance other productions, school performances, and other creative endeavors.

In 2023, BackStory will make an important move to expand its studio space and provide a co-use space for artists, families, and youth in our community. Our vision for the new space will ideally have a comfortable waiting area, two larger classrooms, a small performance venue, an administrative office, and space to build, repair, and store our sets, props, and costumes. With room to host a small coffee cart (or other enterprise, small performances by other artists and musicians, and meetings for community groups... and with your help to raise $50k this giving season... we can create a true community space for our students and share a much-needed resource with other performers, artists, creators, and clubs. 

BackStory enriches it's community through theatre by providing free theatre arts programs at schools and through other local organizations (food banks, centers for those without stable housing, lower income apartment communities, local libraries, etc.). By collaborating with local organizations, working with families to meet diverse or adaptive special needs of students or overcome financial barriers, and by making performances open to the public for free or at a cost as low as $5 per ticket, BackStory increases participation opportunities. BackStory continues to serve, in Broomfield, as a primary source for theatre education and performance with youth populations and has increased in popularity with families as well as patrons of all ages during its annual musical productions and with its Fantastic Family Theatre performances by kids, for kids.


As BackStory has grown, so has it's mission. In 2020, BackStory launched "Wellspring" - a separate service branch to provide authentically diverse and safe spaces for adults in our community. Through monthly meetups and its annual "CO New Musical Festival", Wellspring cultivates new performance art and gives emerging authors and composers an opportunity to develop their ideas for successful stage production.

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