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Much like an athlete trains between games, a performer should practice their skills and learn new ones between productions. BackStory Theatre is excited to announce our brand new Performer Training.  The program will begin in late August with the fall musical and conclude in May with a spring production. When performers are not working on a production they will meet once a week for special training sessions. 


Training sessions will explore topics like

  • Script analysis 

  • Character movement 

  • Character voices

  • Character makeup 

  • Tech for performers 

  • Music sight reading

  • Stage combat 

  • And much more!


  • 13 years old by November 25th, 2023

  • Previous participation in a theatre production or class

  • Audition 

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Auditions will be
held in conjunction with the
fall musical.  Performers need
to register for one of the fall musical audition slots and prepare an audition as described for the
fall musical.


August 29th to November 19th 

Fall Musical Production

Monday & Wednesdays

5:30 pm to 8:00 pm 


November 29th to March 13th

Training Sessions


7:00 pm to 8:30 pm


April 3rd to May 5th

Spring Production

Monday & Wednesdays

7:00 to 8:30 pm

Class Fees

Program Registration Fee                               $1,000

Script Fee (includes both productions)              $25

Show Shirt Fee (includes both productions)     $16

Total Fees                                                          $1,041

Financial Assistance available for all BackStory Programming

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Yes - Performer Training students are committing to participating as a performer in both the Fall musical and  spring production.

Am I expected to perform in both the fall musical and spring production?

Production will be chosen after the first of the year. The type of production will be selected to best feature Performer Training participants. Possible types of productions: one act straight play, one act musical, or a collection of scenes and monologues. If additional performers are needed for the spring production, auditions will be held.

What is the spring production?

Depending on capacity, some training sessions may be made available to performers not in the training program.

Are training sessions open to students not in the training program?

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Register for Auditions

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Still have questions? Let us know!

Thank you for reaching out

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