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To provide affordable performing arts education and performance opportunities for children, adults, and families and     broadly accessible live theatre production opportunities for Broomfield, Colorado and surrounding communities.

Please click here to read our action plan for practicing anti-racism and anti-discriminatory behaviors within our company.

BackStory Theatre & Wellspring by BST practice the Colorado Theatre Guild's Community Standards for Theatre


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Emma Jane Day (Managing Director, Artistic Instructor & Music Director) is a Colorado native and knitting enthusiast. She started singing at eight years old with the Colorado Children's Chorale and hasn't stopped yet. As she grew older and less competitive, she realized that arts administration is where her talents and skills serve her in a more organic way, though she does still perform locally and teach. Contact her!


Nellie Speers (Director of Education, Artistic Instructor, & Stage Director) studied at Ithaca College where she earned a BA in Theatre Studies and a minor in Literatures in English. After graduating, she enjoyed working with children aged 9 months to 5 years as an assistant head start teacher in upstate New York. Nellie's theatrical passions include dramaturgy, performance, stage management, and directing. She is especially interested in devised work and has participated in devised performances with the Ithaca College Senior Ensemble and the Bryn Mawr College theatre department. Nellie is an avid hiker and found her way to Colorado through her seasonal trail maintenance work in Rocky Mountain National Park. Contact them!



We believe community is enriched by theatre! As one of the most versatile art forms around, theatre provides an excellent vehicle for delivering a wide range of experiences and connections from educational to interpersonal and creative. Our unique performance program, which we call "Make Believe and Beyond" (MBB) is rooted in the practice of devised theatre. Working as a team, participants of all ages collaborate in classes to adapt a well-known story (or expand on shared values) for stage production. By collaborating in this way, we are able to meet students where they are in each activity. MBB for kindergartners looks very different than MBB for high schoolers, and yet, each are building on existing skills to expand their ability to communicate, empathize, problem solve, structure a well-crafted story (or persuasive argument), and develop their working memory. Enrichment of our whole community means that we must meet participants where they are, ask questions, and remain aware and curious about the barriers to full participation in our society. That means cultivating an inclusive space where the participants drive the definition of what makes them feel safe. It also means partnering with other nonprofits, service agencies, schools, business, and individuals in creative ways to meet the needs of participants who do not have reliable transportation, have financial or housing instability, speak a primary language other than English, or who need therapeutic support for developmental, physical, mental health, and learning differences in order to be successful in activities. Our educational approach is rooted in Vygotskian theories of modeling and scaffolding to cultivate each individual's growth and confidence. Our definition of "BackStory" means that we aim to be a meaningful and positive component of all participants own backstory as they move through life. Theatre truly is for everyone, and we hope everyone in our community will stop by and find a way to connect with us, suggest a program, develop a program, or take a class!


Founder Anna Marie Wilcox conceived of BackStory in 2006 after recognizing a distinct lack of accessible performing arts opportunities in the Broomfield community where she lived with her family. With an extensive background in theatre education and production, Ms. Wilcox sought to establish an organization that would bring affordable performing arts classes and productions to all members of the community. Colorado non-profit status as BackStory Theatre was received on January 1, 2011 and federal 501(c)(3) status in November 2013. By 2015, rapid growth from 9 registrations in 2006 to over 800 at the end of 2014 lead to a process of restructuring, strategic planning, and capacity building in order to transition the organization from its roots as a small but successful sole-proprietorship to an organization with a strong and active board of directors, highly-qualified key leadership staff, and more capacity for growth. After Ms. Wilcox moved away from the area to focus on her family, former Teaching Artist and program assistant, Mary Wilkie, was hired as Executive Director and Artistic Director.

Throughout this time, BackStory has accomplished its mission by providing free theatre arts programs at schools and through other local organizations, by offering affordable class and performance fees, by reducing fees through student work-study programs and parent volunteer opportunities, by extending scholarships to families in need, and by making performances open to the public at a cost as low as $3 per ticket (and free for children under 4). For the past few years, BackStory has prioritized service outreach to live its vision of enriching community through theatre. In 2019, BackStory provided over 100 hours of free enrichment to community members and, particularly, underserved populations with Sister Carmen Community Center, Broomfield FISH, The Refuge, Emerald Elementary, Alicia Sanchez Elementary, Garden Center Apartments, Broomfield Council on the Arts and Humanities, and through partnerships with the City & County of Broomfield's HHS, Parks & Recreation, and Library divisions. Fiscal saving priorities begun in 2016 towards a goal of moving into a long term, large leased space for classes and performances resulted in a move into our first studio home on Burbank Street in June 2018 where we are delighted to have room to grow and a space to expand classes and small performances. We are active members of Turnpike Arts District, Broomfield Council on the Arts and Humanities, Colorado Theatre Guild, and serve on the Broomfield Communities That Care Coalition board.


Thank you for your leadership, time, and dedication to BackStory Theatre!

Our Board of Directors volunteer expertise in finance, communications, marketing, fundraising, business, arts, and more!

We are grateful for their guidance as BackStory enriches community in Broomfield and beyond!

President                            Misae Vela Brol (March 2019 - current) 

Vice President                        Matt Sturtz (February 2019 - current)

Secretary                                       Jeff Elliott (August 2023 - current)

Director                        Dorian Wilderman (October 2023 - current)

Treasurer                     Samantha Dei Rossi (August 2021 - current)



Past Director                                           John Svensk (March 2019-May 2023) 

Past Director                                      Tinna Petursson (June 2015 - May 2023)

Past President                                      John Dilts (August 2017 - January 2023)

Past Director                                           Alexis Ball (June 2015 - January 2022)

Past Director                              Jennifer Bryner (August 2017 - January 2022)

Past Director                                      Marc Schmidt (July 2015 - January 2019)

Past Director                                                Ted Halbert (July 2015 - April 2019)

Past President                              Tracy Egler-Roback (June 2015 - April 2020)

Founder                                                Anna Marie Wilcox (2006-2015)

BackStory's Board has an opening! Please complete our application here (SSN can be provided off line to protect identity) or email to inquire about service with this 16 year old non-profit organization with an established history of excellence in the arts! 

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