March 27, 2015

It is with great sadness that BackStory Theatre must announce our decision to close our doors. After nine years of providing the highest quality performing arts instruction and performances, increased financial challenges and heavily subsidized competition have combined to prevent BackStory from meeting our mission of providing affordable family-friendly community theater.

We cannot adequately express our gratitude for the hundreds of BackStory volunteers over the past nine years. We are also grateful to our foundation and funding partners who generously believed in BackStory’s mission and the power of performing arts to enhance, build, and sustain a more creative and engaged community.

Backstory would not be here without the talent, expertise, and endless work of BackStory’s Executive and Artistic Director, Anna Wilcox, as well as the invaluable contributions of the professional teaching and technical staff. The Board of Directors is endlessly grateful to them.

Backstory will end its run with our current classroom and performance commitments. We will be unable to proceed with spring or summer BCC classes, summer youth theater, or activities thereafter.

BackStory meant something special to everyone it touched. We encourage you to reflect on BackStory’s significance and the wonderful gift BackStory brought to us all. Please look soon for an announcement concerning an opportunity to join us in reflecting on and celebrating the BackStory experience and legacy.

If you have any questions, please contact