well·​spring | \ ˈwel-ˌspriŋ

: a source of continual supply

   cradle, font, fountainhead, origin, root, source  


to create a place to celebrate and listen to emerging voices in our arts community. We support the artist's journey by providing safe space to create, collaborate, explore, heal, and ask for what we need from each other as people, performers, creators, and diverse members of the artist community. 

We want to hear from you! What do you struggle with as a member of the artistic community?  Need someone to talk to? Want a partner to practice monologues? Need a coach? Are you seeking a space to vent frustrations and seek active solutions?

Tell us what you need!


Wellspring is honored to produce this original new work in 2021. Book and music by Preston Adams, music by Kelly Bidstrup Graham. Directed and produced by an all female leadership team. This story of lived challenges, hurts, and loves explores true experiences of LGBTQIA+ life and the struggle of being different as a teen. We welcome the opportunity to spark healthy conversation about suicide, difference, privilege, power, religion, and feelings of isolation and confusion around this very real and important part of so many lives. Casting is now open to all genders and ages 16+. Video auditions due January 18th.



We have wanted this moment, this opportunity, for years and are excited to venture into new opportunities for meaningful support, conversation, and inclusion in 2021! We hope to grow through artist support meetings, collaborative salons, and exploration of new works from marginalized and underrepresented voices. 

YOU have something to offer! Whether it's a new work that needs voices and hammers to bring it to life or a counseling service that supports and uplifts people in pain; you can reach out a hand and help our community! We'd like to explore deep conversations and new skills together.

Reach out, get involved!