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well·​spring | \ ˈwel-ˌspriŋ
: a source of continual supply
   cradle, font, fountainhead, origin, root, source  

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Join us June 1, July 6, and August 3 for our Wellspring Meetup! 

Writers Room - 4-6pm - Join us for some dedicated time to work on your craft, write, network, collaborate, and fill your well as we spend dedicated time together creating art and inspiring one another!

Open Mic Night - 6-8pm - Join us on stage or in the audience for open mic night! Bring your own original work, favorite cover, comedy routine, improv act, or juggling show! You name it, we'd love to have you share your art with us.
Available gear: Full 88 key weighted keyboard, amp with 3 inputs, 2 wired microphones, a 1/4 plug in to amp for tracks or other music/sound needs.

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to create a place to celebrate and listen to emerging voices in our arts community. We support the artist's journey by providing safe space to create, collaborate, explore, heal, and ask for what we need from each other as people, performers, creators, and diverse members of the artist community. 

We want to hear from you! What do you struggle with as a member of the artistic community?  Need someone to talk to? Want a partner to practice monologues? Need a coach? Are you seeking a space to vent frustrations and seek active solutions?

Tell us what you need!


Through artist support meetings, collaborative salons, and exploration of new works from marginalized and underrepresented voices. 

YOU have something to offer! Whether it's a new work that needs voices and hammers to bring it to life or a counseling service that supports and uplifts people in pain; you can reach out a hand and help our community! We'd like to explore deep conversations and new skills together.

Reach out, get involved!

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Thank you to all of the performers and audience members who joined us for our Wellspring Fundraiser! Your support is so appreciated! Our frundraiser was successful, but we did fall short of our goal. Be on the look out for more ways to support Wellspring especially as the Co New Musical Fest Approaches!

Submissions are now closed for 2022. Stay tuned and follow us on Instagram @BSTWellspring for upcoming auditions to perform the wonderful works we found!

For more information on this year's festival, past winners, and more visit CoNewMusicalFest.com!

Wellspring is delighted to become the permanent home of the Colorado New Musical Festival, now in its third season! This festival reviews submissions of new work from artists locally and globally with a focus on bringing forward historically marginalized voices to tell new stories on stage.

Selected works, in part or in whole, are developed for publicly staged readings. Authors and composers, seeing their works interpreted by new creative teams, develop an understanding of how audiences are responding to their storytelling, how songs and dialogue are being interpreted by casts and directors, and how their work might benefit from new edits. Creative teams thrive in collaboration, seeking understanding and playing an important role in originating new characters. Audiences engage with inspiring new work, spark conversation from diverse stories, and connect through shared experience.