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Watercolor Butterfly 7

Familiar Fairytales

Weekly sessions, May 31st through July 29th

Ages 9-13 Years old

July 25 - 29th

Students will talk about and explore our favorite Disney stories and their classic fairytale roots, in order to create their own script for a staged show with costumes and props! Students are encouraged to sign up for multiple weeks - each week is a whole new show! (Note* May 31-June 3rd class is a combined all-age range due to lower enrollment)


Students are encouraged to come to class with their own ideas to share. BackStory Theatre Academy's (BSTA) fantastic performance-based program build skills for performance, confidence, team work, and key STEAM learning skills such as active listening, working memory, and creative collaboration! 


This summer, classes will be team-taught by two of our BYLP teens with supervision by one of our awesome artistic instructors. The week is full of learning for all ages! While teens are learning hands-on skills for teaching, directing, and producing shows - their students grow from mentorship, literacy in action with script-writing, and build strong bonds through creation of their very own show. 


At the end of the week, the cast will perform a fully-developed, short show (15-25 min) at the Broomfield Auditorium. We will have live audiences as the state and local officials authorize and, where live audiences are not permissible, we will record the final performance to share with families. Get your tickets for these Fantastic Family Theater Performances HERE: Fridays 6:30pm

Costuming for Theater

July 25 - 29

Ages 9 - 17 Years Old

Join Pirates of Penzance costumer Amber Tyler and her son Jack Tyler as they guide you through sewing basics to create your own vest! All experiences welcome!

Beginner and Intermediate skills for drafting, fitting, sewing and altering. We will work around a character story you create to make a costume piece that bring your character to life.


Day 1: Drafting a design, muslin fitting 

Day 2: Patterning, cutting, hand stitching, machine basics, fitting our thrifted piece to our design 

Day 3: Sewing

Day 4: Sewing, fitting, maybe makeup and hair design drawing if extra time allows.  

Day 5: Finishing techniques and photo shoot!

Familiar Fairytales.jpg
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"My students and I loved the performance. The student actors were so professional, the sets were amazing and the production was excellent. My students also loved being able to talk to the actors and ask questions about how they prepare for the production and what it's like to be on stage. We came back to the classroom singing the songs and the kids talked for many days about how awesome the show was." ~ Teacher whose class participated in a free musical theatre workshop

“It was really hard to learn this show, like really hard, but we're like a family and everyone just helps each other and we work together and it’s hard but it’s really fun!” ~ Student actor in a Youth Theatre musical


"This show is one of the best - if not THE BEST - Backstory show I've seen. You guys get better and better. Keep up the fabulous work and I look forward to seeing more of you all in the near future. Well done!" ~ Audience feedback from "Guys & Dolls"

Scholarships are Available!
If cost is an issue for your family, you may be eligible for a scholarship! If your family benefits from food stamps, free or reduced school lunch, or other assistance please reach out to us at for more information. The process is straight forward and easy. Cost should never be an issue for access to the arts.

Aladdin_Academy2016 - Mary Wilkie.JPG


With our Familiar Fairytales classes you create the script! So each week is a new trip through your imagination!

2021 Greek BSTA - Mary Wilkie.jpg


This is YOUR story. YOU create the characters, the setting, and the action.

IMG-6737 - Mary Wilkie.jpg


Bring your work to life on stage at the Broomfield Auditorium! 

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