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New by request! Homeschooling students or family "pods" may schedule a class to explore theatre games, create a mini-play, or even produce a scripted play designed for online performance. 

All registered students  receive a role in performance programs, though auditions may be held on the first day of class for role assignment. 

No preparation is required for first day auditions. Theatre games and

literacy-based mini-play activities may be scheduled online or in person depending on group needs.

Class registration fee varies per class details but average $35-100 per student depending on number of sessions and whether a licensed script is performed.

Minimum enrollment 3, maximum 8. 

Learn all about how to share, listen, control your body, explore imagination, and build early literacy as we explore new stories, songs, and games! Ages 3-5.

Theatre is more than just stepping out on stage! Dive deeper into skills for all aspects of performance with these classes and workshops. Ages 9-18.

Our unique performance-based classes are designed to teach a wide range of stage skills through rehearsal of a staged play for public audiences. Ages 5-18.

Spring classes are here!

Online doesn't have to mean boring! Find the perfect online or in-person performance class to develop performance, character building, and literacy skills for ages 3-15.

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